This page lists some of my favourite links

Photos of Leo Baeck College taken by Dave Middleton

Institutions of Jewish Learning
- Leo Baeck College (London)
- Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (Los Angeles)
- Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies (Stockholm)
- The Conservative Yeshiva (Jerusalem)
- Levisson Instituut (Amsterdam)
- Pardes, previously known as the Folkertsma Stichting (Amsterdam)
- (Amsterdam)

The new Amsterdam Reform synagogue, photo courtesy of Google

Synagogues Worldwide
- Beit ha'Chidush (Amsterdam)
- Temple Beth Am (Los Angeles)
- Ikar (Los Angeles)
- Kol haNeshama (Jerusalem)
- Assif (London)
Judiska Församlingen (Stockholm)

Esteemed Colleagues and Inspirational Teachers
- Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire (Vice-Principal, Leo Baeck College)
- Rabbi Dr. Charles Middleburgh (Professor, Leo Baeck College)
- Rabbi Aaron Alexander (Associate Dean, Ziegler)
- Rabbi Dr. Elliot Dorff (Professor, Ziegler)
- Reb Mimi Feigelson (Orthodox Rabbi and Chassidic teacher, Ziegler)
- Chazan Jaclyn Chernett (Chazan Kol Nefesh Masorti)
- Jen Taylor Friedman, soferet and inventor of 'Tefillin Barbie'


My family heraldry

Friends and Family
- !Spanje! (magazine about Spain by my mother and brother)
- Ulysses Consulting (business of Laura Hamer with my husband)
- Hugenholtz Genealogy (by Gerard Hugenholtz)
- Hugenholtz Family (wikipedia entry)
- Esther Hugenholtz (my website)